Drop Arm Awnings

These awnings are a popular fitment on balconies and over windows etc.

They offer a varying degree of shade, which can be altered by the owner.

Two different types of drop arm awnings arms are available, with or without tensioning spring, although with the breezes we get on the south coast, we always recommend them with tensioned springs.

The tensioned arms have a spring of galvanized steel with rectified compressing coils and a stainless chain.

Other components (axis, screws, nuts, etc) are made of stainless steel.

The awnings are available in widths ranging from 1.50m (although technically it is possible to make them smaller) up to 5.50m.

Arms come in 0,80m, 1,00m, 1,20m, and 1,40m.

It is also possible to fit drop arm awnings with a semi-cassette, to give added protection for the material when closed.