Material Changes

If you already have an awning but it’s looking a bit sad, then by all means contact us for an estimate for replacing the fabric.

We will normally give you an estimate straight away, just give us the width of the awning and the projection, or height.

If the price is acceptable, we will come around and measure accurately, test the arms, mountings and bushes and advise on any other remedial work that is required.

Don’t worry, we won’t try and sell you a new awning, unless we think it’s really beyond repair financially.

We don’t like replacing things if they don’t need it, and if the material can be turned around, to allow the good material at the back of the awning to be used, then we will even do that.

If the stitching has completely gone, and the fabric has gone stiff, it can not viably be re-sewn. We can not cut out the bad bit and re-stitch.

If you do go for a fabric changes, you could also benefit from ‘soldered seams’. This uses a thermal tape to bond the two pieces of material together. The benefit of this is that there is no stitching to get affected by the sun, or tear in the wind and it’s highly water resistant.

If you need more advise, or would like a free, no obligation quote for fabric changes to your awnings, feel free to contact us.