Horizontal Awnings

Horizontal Awnings are quite possibly the Quintessential Spanish Awning.

The reason is simple, they give fantastic shade, and can be left out in all weathers, with in reason.

They are also extremely versatile. If you have an existing wooden or concrete pergola, then we can fit an awning underneath.

If you have two walls, even if there not exactly parallel, then we can fit an awning between them.

And if you have nothing but a flat piece of ground, then we can fit a structure and hang an awning from that.

They can also be combined with Vertical Blinds to create an outside room (see Vertical Awnings). And, if you need more shade, we can hang other types of awning of the front or sides.

There are also different types of profile that we can use, allowing further options.

The awning can even be made in a double layer, to protect the bottom, visible layer, and give the awning an almost 100% water tight seal.

The sky is literally the limit.

Please see the additional information page for more details and options.