Horizontal Awnings Additional Information.

There are several types & styles of aluminium structures and profiles available for the Horizontal Awning. For example, the top of the awning can be made in three different ways: Profiles The first, standard type is made as one complete ‘sheet’, with the material looped and stitched to form a tubeĀ at regular intervals, which then slides into the profile. This is the quickest, and therefore the most cost-effective way of making the blind.

On the foremost profile we now always use the second type of profile, as this facilitates easy removing of the front frill, when it becomes worn or damaged (As the front frill is the piece that is open to the elements all of the time, it requires attention before the rest of the awning.)

The second method involves making separate panels up which then slide into the profile. This has the benefit of being able to be made up lengthways, rather than joining panels of material together. (Depending on material choice and direction of projection. E.G. if a striped material is being used and the stripes run at 90 degrees to the profile, then the material would have to be joined). This increases water resistance as there are no stitches for the rain to come through and is more aesthetically pleasing. It also has the benefit of being able to replace the panels separately, if one gets damaged.

There is a very fine visible strip of aluminium between the material, hence it is translated roughly as ‘Profile View’.

The third method is the same as the second profile with the added benefit of being specially designed to allow a second panel of fabric, such as a PVC to be fitted above the ‘elegant’ panel. This greatly increases the lifespan of the ‘elegant’ panel, as it protects it from rain, dirt & damage from above. double fabric awning

Of course, there are many different options for the structure types as well. We can supply and fit a wooden pergola type structure, custom made locally, or you can have an aluminium structure as in the picture above. These are generally in white powder coat, but can be ordered in a wide variety of different colours. As there are so many different options with structures, we have uploaded a selection to our cloud server, which you can view here:- Horizontal Awning Brochures meantime, if you would like more information, or a no obligation quote,please contact us.