Many of our customers are now enjoying the benefits of an electric motor.

Motorised Awnings are easy to put away at the touch of a button, rather than struggle with a winding handle. Especially for those of us whose muscles and joints are complaining!

Even if your fit and healthy, the motors can be a real boon, especially when fitted with an additional wind switch.

Imagine you have your property rented out, or you’ve popped out, and the wind gets up (as it does here in Spain).  The wind switch sends a signal to the motor which automatically winds the awning in. What could be simpler?

Picture yourself extending your retractable awning effortlessly from inside your home or while you’re already outside, so your deck or patio is a comfortable, shaded place, where you can spend more time enjoying life.

The benefits of a patio awning powered by a motor.

  • In addition to all the lifestyle benefits that awning automation brings to users, motorisation also works to protect awning components and fabric.
  • Smooth docking Motors are designed to slow down at the point of full closure, protecting the system.
  • Perfect closure Motors are designed to ensure that cassettes are sealed shut every time.
  • Fabric protection. Motors release awning fabric upon closure, eliminating fabric stress and tension.
  • When fully opened, the motor ensures that the fabric tension is at just the right level to provide optimal performance and a visually striking appearance. Perfectly taut fabric every time!