When fitting Awnings, especially here in Spain, it’s important to get a good mounting in the wall. If the wall is solid concrete, then theres no problem, and a good quality expanding bolt can be used as an effective mounting.

We use Zamac Alloy or Hilti Anchors. However, for the most part, the walls here are made of Terracota or a type of Breeze block. Hollow and not very strong.

This ‘photo is from an awning we didn’t fit originally. It fell off the wall in a strong wind, leaving a large cavity. Bad wall


To cope with this, we use ‘Hilti’ Chemical Morter, pumped into the cavity.

Hilti Resin


This gives a very strong bond between the bolt and the wall, creating perfect mounting conditions. However, this doesn’t make it wind proof, and the awning must be put away in strong winds.