Vertical Awnings

Vertical Awnings are a versatile way to accomplish many tasks.

Maybe you want to seal in an area from the winter breezes, giving you a snug area outside that you can enjoy all year? Maybe you need a bit of privacy from nearby balconies? Or you want to get some extra shade from the sun when it’s at it’s lowest point?

Vertical Awnings can accomplish these and many other tasks.

The standard awning is operated with a cranking mechanism and handle, and is usually attached to the ground with hooks and karabiners. The blinds with guides have a sliding bolt arrangement at the bottom that engages with the guides.

You can have a PVC window in various shapes, fitted in clear or ‘squares’, which allow light to pass through but still give you protection. They can also be fitted with side guides, these are known as ‘wind cheaters’ or ‘quita vientos’ in Spanish. This really makes things snug, reducing those chilly draughts in the cooler season yet still allowing air flow in the summer.

To allow for a stronger, more resilient blind, we recommend fitting windows on this type with re-enforcing profiles to the top and bottom of windows. The extra aluminium adds stiffness to the structure, making it more resilient to stiff breezes. The bars also allows the PVC window to expand and contract, as it’s properties are different to the Acrylic. Without these bars, distortion takes place in the fabric, as it tries to accommodate the PVC. If you would like to know any more, or would like a no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us.