Which Model?

Awnings – Stylish and Practical Alfresco dining, whatever the season. Barbecues, whenever the fancy takes you. A drink or two to wind down in the garden, after a hard days golf.

Whichever way you look at it, we can help you make the most of outdoor living all year round with our unrivalled range of awnings.

We’ve helped hundreds of people transform the way they use their outdoor space. Practical and stylish, an awning can not only add more space to your home and garden, you can protect yourself and your indoor furnishings from harmful sun damage as well as adding a simply stunning accessory to your home.

But which model to choose from? Let us guide you through our awning range and discover how we can help you.

Awnings – Decisions, decisions… You may not know it yet, but there is so much to think about when choosing an awning for your home. An awning is not just about adding style to your property. It provides shade in the summer and protection in the winter, added outdoor space and of course it needs to be robust enough to cope with the elements.

An awning will come into its own all year round, and such a valuable investment needs some considering. Awnings – Some things to think about…

  • What awning model will you choose?
  • How can you calculate the best sized awning to offer maximum shade and protection?
  • What colours and finishes will you choose?
  • How are you going to use the extra space?
  • How are you going to operate your awning?
  • How effective can built-in lighting and heating be?
  • What about obstructions like guttering, down pipes, lamps or grilles that may be in the way?
  • What about bespoke bracketry to secure your awning safely to your home?
  • And what about installation?

That’s where we come in. Our unique service is unrivalled; we work together from beginning to end.

Whilst Carol discusses the colour options and styles and explains the features and benefits of the materials, Craig will take all necessary measurements and survey for suitability and any obstructions and evaluate your shading options.

We will even tell you if an awning is not your best option, which has happened on occasion, in which case we will advise what is best for you, such as window tinting.

We will design, survey, install and offer you all the technical and style advice you will need.

We’ll take care of everything from start to finish, and beyond.

Why not start now? Arrange for a free design consultation by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button on the top right of the screen.